Dining Chair Upholstery

We offer this level 1.5 class once a month, on a Tuesday or Thursday from 7-9 pm. Our 2015 Winter/Spring term runs from January until the end of May. $125 for two hours of instruction.

Breathe new life into your dining chairs. In this two hour course, you will learn to how strip the existing upholstery, make necessary repairs, re-pad, and recover so they look brand new!

Class Dates

Padding will be reused or replaced with natural latex and wool felt flame barrier (additional fees will apply if padding requires replacement). Bring your own fabric (3/4 yard will usually cover two seats or one seat, one back), or we can help you choose just the right fabric from our shop.

Please submit photos of your chair prior to class for difficulty and yardage estimates specific to your project. Sewing experience or having completed our Intro to Upholstery is helpful but not required. Go home with one completed dining chair seat OR back (both if you work quickly). Buy additional cushioning materials from Joona and use your new skills to complete the project next weekend! Tool kits also available for sale.

Please see our class policy page for additional information.