Foam and flame retardants – why your furniture might make you sick.

About a month ago, I was fortunate to meet Dr Arlene Blum, founder of the Green Science Policy Institute, a leading watchdog organization advocating policy changes to reduce the use of the currently available synthetic flame retardants in consumer products.

You can read even more about the dangers of flame retardants and WHY they are in our furniture and baby products here:

And in much more detail here (a four part expose by the Chicago Tribune):

Please contact your representatives and senators (at the State and Federal level) about changing our laws to lessen this pervasive health hazard.

We are doing our part at Joona to reduce the use of flame retardants in our clients’ homes through education and encouraging the use of wool as a natural flame retardant casing over natural foams.  Contact us today for more information about switching your flame retardant cushions and mattresses to a more natural, and healthy solution.