Our Services

Joona is a hands-on design studio. We merge time-honored techniques with innovation and high concept to bring modern artistic creations to residential and commercial spaces. Deeply committed to unparalleled quality and honest service, we are backed by a team of prominent, creative interior designers, architects, woodworkers, fabric finishers, upholsterers, color consultants, painters, furniture restorers, contractors, and artisans.

The Design Process

Get in touch: Call or email our offices to arrange a design consultation. This 15-30 minute chat gives us a sense of your project, and lets us check in with you about budget.

Initial consult: Next, we’ll meet with you on-site to see your space, share ideas, and more fully define the project. Initial consult is $150.

Design phase: Here we dive into a playground of ideas, finding ways to mold shapes, layers, colors, textures, and actions to accomplish artistic and functional goals, including privacy, acoustics, light, heat, branding, automation, aesthetics, and sensory experience. This may include computer or hand renderings to aid with visualization. We’ll revisit budget as the design evolves.

Specification phase: As we refine the design and approach a specific proposal with a defined budget, we’ll select materials and components and review samples to ensure that our choices are perfect. This phase may include research and development to search for an ideal solution, or to create original, functional sculptural pieces.

Construction and installation phase: Once the design is finalized, the next step is procuring the materials and components and ensuring that each element is of the highest quality. We cut, stitch, and construct your custom piece before delivering a flawless product to you.

The length of the creative process will vary depending on scope, availability of materials, and your decision-making style.